Monday, March 17, 2008

4 Qualities You Need Have If You Want To Be A Great Teacher

Teaching is a difficult job and becoming a great teacher is almost a thousand times harder.

That is the simple reason why we can remember great teachers - they are as valuable and as rare as pink diamonds.

Overworked but underpaid, these great teachers view their calling as an opportunity - not as an obligation. They believe that to associate with young people is a rare privilege, to teach them is an inspiration and to lead them into a better future is a joy of the profession.

If you want to be one of those great teacher, here are the 4 most fundamental qualities you must have.

Have Sympathy

To have sympathy for your students is to have the ability to live, at least momentarily, in their life. A great teacher can re-live the memory his own childhood or has the power of imagination to see things through the eyes of his pupils.

A great teacher also take a matter of concern in the affairs of his students. To succeed as amazing teachers, we must have a strong passion to to help them. And that sometimes involves the actual doing of something by way of service.

Be Sincere

People say children and dogs are the great judges of sincerity. Guess what? They are absolutely correct. A great teacher is sincere in his work, believes in what he teaches and will do his best effort to the task in hand.

His class is his greatest concern, he meet his students because he loves teaching them and will always be available for counsel at any time. Because he is sincere in his work - he teaches with enthusiasm.

Be Optimistic

Optimism is contagious.

Look for the good things in your students. Even the weakest or the naughtiest one have some admirable qualities in them.

Be friendly, do not be so serious in your job that you forget to be human. Yes, too much friendliness can be used by the students as a license for mischief. However, great teachers know when to exert order and when to apply cheer.

Remember, cheerfulness is the best key to the human heart.

Have Vitality

The days where a stern teacher is respected has been long gone. Not having enough role models, young kids nowadays demand a teacher or leader who is energetic and enthusiastic . A great teacher fills in the role perfectly.

He knows that children like to have a teacher who the have a certain vigor of attack that appears to go directly to the point, putting at rest all other things and making discipline simply unnecessary.

That is what 20th century students seem to like.

There are many other contributing factors that make a great teacher. However the above four steps are believed to be the key or fundamental to be one. Follow the steps, acquire the abilities and one day you will also be a teacher that your students may remember for their entire life.

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