Friday, February 22, 2008

Public School Teachers - A Lesson in Mediocrity

If the American Public School system were a corporation it would be sued, and then closed for bankruptcy. Its product is crap, its bureaucracy is bloated, and its rank and file is more concerned about their benefits, seniority and pension than excelling. The teachers make the average united auto worker of the eighties look like employee of the year. And while the UAW worker is now paying for their lackadaisical attitude the teacher can go on, thanks in no large part to their own union, indefinitely. But that is not surprising when you look at the make up of your average public school teacher. As a student they went through school with the lone talent of being able to regurgitate the teacher's lesson, never a creative thought in their head. Their idea of human achievement was earning the perfect attendance record for the semester so they could hang it on their wall. They were ignored by their fellow students who enjoyed pranks, challenging authority, dreaming of leaving school, and pursuing careers with passion and dedication. When looking for careers, future teachers had to look no farther then those under achieving adults that patted them on the head like a faithful dog, thier current teachers. Where else could such mediocre clods have power over thirty individuals at once? Certainly not in a boardroom, or leading a seminar, that would be facing adults that have achieved things in their life. Instead these poster children of mediocity discover rather early in life they have nothing to offer their classmates, in fact their fellow man. They do not possess original ideas, they do not posses an ability to make life long friends, and they do not posses the ability to be a constructive teammate. So they seek out others who are lacking in these areas that make people human, public school teachers. Many times forming improper but usually relationships.

The public school teacher is a sanctuary for the mediocre. It does not require any effort, it does not require any talent, it does not require any vision. The requirements are to stay one page ahead of the students, most of whom have no interest in the subject being taught because it in no way relates to anything in their life. And it requires them to reward the kids that fit neatly inside the bell curve of average. Kids that learn differently, have different interests, act out, are to be identified, isolated, and labeled. In short any kid that demonstrates abilities that might become future leaders, are to be ostracized, and/or medicated. If you are bored or disruptive sitting in class, then there will be meetings, diagnostic exams, and you will be classified with A.D.D. or some other disorder. It is never a requirement of the school to change their direction. They are stamping out Model T's only.

For the mediocre these youngsters are a challenge to their authority, and that will not be tolerated. They are the same kids that taunted them back when they were in school, made fun of their joy when receiving that gold star, that pat on the head, for making the teacher smile.

There are a few teachers that do have something to offer. Generally these folks went out to achieve something in the adult world, and then returned to share their knowledge with the kids. They themselves have learned something in their life, and want to share this knowledge, and inspire today's youth. Their efforts while just a drop in the bucket should be commended. It is a decent and proper thing to do, and it shows today's youth well rounded adults do exist.

The mediocre teacher left high school, straight for an under achieving state college, that offers education as a major, and then quickly returns back to high school, this time at the front of the class. What do these people have to teach? What do they have to offer high school students? Nothing? They have no life experience, they have not challenged themselves. They have nothing, except one page ahead in the book.

And the only students they relate to? Those just like them, oh the joy of that perfect attendance record. You know who you are you pathetic dolts.

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