Thursday, December 27, 2007

Honor School Staff During Teacher Appreciation Week

When children are not at home or on the soccer or baseball field, they are at school. At least for nine months of the year. Outside of their parents and family they probably spend more time in a classroom with their teachers than anywhere else. Teachers help mold young minds and build the foundations for children's futures.

Teacher & School Staff Appreciation Week on May 4-10 is the time of the year to say thank you. Every team member at your school works hard, and often for a salary that is far below the standard salary of other professions. Teachers want to know they are valued for the time and efforts they take to help their students. A recognition event will let them know they are appreciated.

The theme of Teacher Appreciation Week has gone beyond just honoring teachers. It takes a lot of talented people to run our schools and education departments. Superintendents, administrators, nurses, guidance counselors, maintenance staff, teacher aids and volunteers all are vital links to our schools.

Most schools now hold Teacher and School Staff recognition parties. Sometimes a different event is held each day of Teacher Appreciation Week. Often, different teams are honored on each day. From an ice cream and coffee hour to a full luncheon, there are numerous ways to hold an event to fit any budget.

Kick off Teacher Appreciation Week with a breakfast. Serve bagels and coffee in decorated commemorative mugs. Continue the week with a school assembly in your gym or auditorium and invite all of your students to show their praise by singing songs and giving their teachers and the staff a standing ovation. Hand out flashlights so they can shine a light on their teachers to let them know they are in the spotlight.

Continue the week with a luncheon. Serve pizza, sandwiches or have each staff member prepare a dish to bring in. A Teacher Appreciation Chocolate Bar makes a great place setting. On other days you can stage fun theme events. Have teachers and school staff bring in baby pictures and hold a guess the staff member contest. Hand out apple shaped die-cut picture frames for them to take their photos back home in.

If you don't have time to have a daily event, a simple and economical gift left in mailboxes or desks will be appreciated just as much. Note pads, monthly academic planners, pens and desk organizers with a message of appreciation will serve as constant reminder that your community supports and appreciates its school staff members. No matter your budget, a small gesture can go a long way during Teacher & School Staff Appreciation Week.

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