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What to Do as a Substitute Teacher

Do you have the desire to be a substitute teacher? Do you think substitute teaching is easy?

I was a substitute teacher for five years and worked for two school districts in St. Louis, Missouri. Substitute teaching can be rewarding; however, it is very challenging.

If you mess up, the school administrators might write a bad report to the school district's personnel office without saying anything to you. I will do my best to guide you to success.

On the days you teach, you should leave your home wearing your badge. Go to the office after you arrive.

The first thing you should do after you report is to read the instructions given to you by the secretary and classroom teacher. At the end of the day, turn in your keys and ask if you can come back the next day.

Dress professionally to gain respect from the teachers, administrators and students. Wear a collared shirt, slacks and dress shoes. The only day you should wear jeans, shorts or gym shoes is when you know you will teach gym.

Follow the school district policies and the policies of the school where you teach. Use your free time to read the safety procedures and other information posted in your classroom.

It helps to know where every school in your district is located. If the district does not give you a district map, download one from the district's web site. Make a trip to the schools you have not visited to avoid being late if you are asked to work there.

School officials do not like tardiness. Keep in mind how long it takes to reach each school. You could get out of bed by 5:30 in the morning to give yourself more time if you are called between 6:30 and 7:00 and asked to report to a school by 7:30.

If you ride the bus and know you do not have enough time to report to a particular school when you suddenly receive a call in the morning, let the caller know you cannot accept the request. It is better to lose a day of pay than your job.

If students prepare to engage in a physical fight, take them to the hall and close the door. Students are much less likely to fight away from an audience.

Never step between people who are throwing punches or kicks. Call the office or school security. Let a student get help.

It helps to know the names of students who misbehave. Look at the seating chart and student identification list on your desk.

Do not eat in the classroom if the school has a teacher's lounge and you have a scheduled lunch break. If you must take a nap, do it on your free time in the classroom or restroom.

Sleeping in the lounge will make you look bad and upset the school officials. If you do not have a class during a particular hour and you are unsure about what to do, call the office.

Your biggest challenge is to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning while not being draconian. Do not give disruptive students more than one warning.

If the class is out of hand and a student asks to get help, you must deny permission to leave and immediately get tough with the class. I once let a girl who wanted to get help leave.

She came back with the principal. The principal criticized me for not being able to handle students.

Your room must be kept clean. If an administrator comes and sees clothes on the floor, your life is over.

You can follow these steps and still be darned. You must have support from the administration. I loved working with the students but I reached the point where I had to move on. Good luck!

Todd Hicks owns Skill Development Institute, an enterprise that provides a keyboard typing lesson and academic study guide. He has a communications degree and lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Todd has also written many articles and posted them on his web site.

Teacher Apathy and the Gifted Child

As I sit preparing to write this article, I ask myself what is the number one challenge facing Gifted Children? There are several, but what would you say is the most challenging issue?

It came to me right away. Is the greatest challenge facing Gifted Children in our society today teacher apathy? Of course, this does not apply to every teacher. It's not that teachers are mean or uncaring. It's not that they don't want their students to do well.

Is it because many are unaware of the characteristics and unique challenges facing the Gifted Child? Many teachers don't know how these children learn best or how they differentiate from their peers. They are preoccupied with students who have learning issues or behaviour issues.

They can not shoulder all the blame. Our society is misinformed as well. Our governments seem determined to lower the bar when it comes to expectations in schools. The universities are turning out teachers that spend little time on Gifted Children and their needs.

If you look up apathy in the dictionary you will find the word indifference. This pretty much sums up many teachers' feelings. If this insults or offends a teacher, I'm sorry. However, our gifted children need parents to speak out on their behalf and work towards changing the myths that surround them.

Teachers themselves need to speak out for these children. They need to want to make a difference in the life of a gifted child. They must stop assuming that these children don't need anything extra and can go it alone.

Gifted children have a right to learn. All the excuses in the world, including inclusion, lack of resources, over crowded classrooms and others don't change the simple fact that teachers show indifference to gifted children in the regular classroom.

Since inclusion is the current trend, Gifted Children will be placed in the regular classroom more and more.

Teachers can help change this attitude by taking courses to learn about gifted children. There are books, workshops, and other resources available to them.

Even if the school board or government doesn't require them to do more for gifted children, this doesn't mean they can't take the initiative.

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." --William Ward

I am the mother of a gifted 8 year old girl. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Studies. I began the journey to learn as much as possible about gifted children and to share it with others in order to get information out and dispel the myths about gifted children.

Becoming Your Child's Home School Teacher Requires Patience and Consistency

Home schooling is a growing trend where parents take control of their children's education. The parents are basically taking over the education process that was once provided by government run schools. Many parents who are passionate about there children's education and feel that the government school system does not do an adequate job instilling values along with education. If you are looking for a way to become a larger influence in your child's life and education becoming your child's home school teacher is a great way to do it.

The recent growth in home schooling is giving the parents and children more time to interact together and learn to enjoy each other more. Many parents who choose to be a home school teacher for their children feel that they can understand their kids better the public school teachers. The parents feel that they will be able to identify study areas that the child is lacking in and give them the proper attention they need and require to excel. The Internet has also given parents a great resource to gather teaching material, curriculum plans and other resources.

Many home school teacher parents feel that they have a better influence over their children, especially in the early years. Unlike government schools there is no restriction as to what can be taught in the home so many parents like to incorporate the families religious beliefs in the studies. This is something that is not allowed in the public school system.

If you have been thinking of removing your children from government education and becoming their home school teacher then you should be ready for a change in lifestyle and a large responsibility. You are going to have to really evaluate yourself and be honest in your abilities to maintain the patience, and consistency home schooling requires.

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The Facts About Assistant Teacher Jobs

An assistant teacher's primary job is to assist the primary teacher. It may sound one-sided, but the truth is, an assistant teacher's job is pretty multi-faceted. Since they stay in the same classroom as the primary teacher and all the kids, they are easily susceptible to any form of task or duty. Because of this, an assistant teacher should be energetic and enthusiastic

An assistant teacher is expected to nurture relationships both with the primary teacher and the kids. The primary teacher and the assistant teacher will be working together. Although the assistant teacher takes directions from the supervising teacher, the assistant teacher's role is quite important because the primary teacher will find it difficult to work without assistance.

Since the primary teacher will have to pay attention to the lesson, the assistant teacher will be freer to pay attention to the students. This is one of the most important roles of an assistant teacher. He or she will have to supervise the students and monitor them at all times. This also entails taking care of the children, despite the different developmental stages, especially in preschool or kindergarten. Some students may already be independent and can move around on their own without the need for round-the-clock supervision, while some students still need constant supervision and guidance. It falls upon them to support children, especially those with special needs, since the primary teacher cannot possibly focus on one student alone. It is also their responsibility to help children in various activities, such as in eating, toileting, and keeping up with the activities that are part of the lessons. Assistant teachers should also be ready to entertain and play with the children, especially when some of the kids are uncomfortable and are upset. The age of the children in the class affects the mix of responsibilities of an assistant teacher.

Aside from the responsibilities already mentioned above, an assistant teacher is also responsible for the preparation of any materials needed for the class activities. In special classes such as art subjects, the assistant teacher is, of course, expected to help the students in the use of scissors, glue, and the like. It is also their responsibility to prepare the classroom or set it up for the activities, and to clean up afterwards.

Assistant teachers can be fully qualified and registered teachers. However, they can also be simply teaching assistants, with no academic teaching background and prior experience. Teaching assistants are not qualified teachers. Teaching assistants are naturally guided by the primary teacher. The qualifications for teaching assistants are lesser. They just have to have around two years of formal education after high school.

The good thing about being an assistant teacher is that they also have opportunities to advance in their teaching career. They have plenty of opportunities to attend seminars and workshops especially for assistant teachers. These can help them improve their knowledge and skills that they use relating to their job. As they improve as assistant teachers, they can move up and become fully qualified teachers after gaining experience in the field, given that they meet the qualifications.

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Where To Get Time Management Tools For Teacher

In the teaching industry, all teachers from childcare teachers all the way professors of university have very busy schedules. They have many kids to attend to, also have different subjects to share in the classroom. There are many different plans of matters that are made throughout the day and a busy agenda to manage as well.

What is needed to help hectic teachers out

Implementing a specific plan that caters to time management for teachers to enable to help a teacher's busy schedule. Time management is crucial if you want to get through every subject you have in your teaching day. Use time management in your curriculum so as to help in your teaching skills.

With the aid of a “time management for teachers” plan, the teacher can see where they can seize out certain things into the agenda. A lot of the work that a teacher does goes into preparations for classes and in checking papers and quizzes. If you are a teacher and you feel that you have too much work on your hands, it is usually a exact case of needing some help with time management.

In-class, a teacher must also control their time and that of their students. For example, having a good sense of how much time each homework will take the students to do is important – you cannot expect them to work at your pace. In fact, what you might fret over as time wasted could be a bonus for you as you could use that time to get through those ‘administrative’ tasks that you tend to take home.

I hope you will know by now that time management for teachers is no difference than having time management in itself - you have to search out time wasters, prioritize your work and fill in those time slots with short projects to make the maximum usage of your time.

What is the key to any successful profession

Organization is this key.

A time management for teachers program will also help the children how everything happens in order. Even so, that our children are spending most of the time with their teachers.

Teaching time management lessons to the children is simply great as it allows them to do their homework more effectively. Frequently, teachers would give tips and plans to their students just like he or she would do for himself or herself. This is a great part of having teachers take advantage of this training – they can then impart those skills to their students as well.

The teacher's goals is to get the entire work completed before the end of the year. With this management course, she can easily achieve this goal.

Children may getting smarter when their teachers make up their mind to use this tool on them. Being organized is the only way this task can really be accomplished. Especially if the teacher has a lot of information to keep track of.

On the internet, you can simply download a this program for teachers and get started with your new goals and strategies today for your students.

This program will give you more flexibility throughout your day. This will explanation of having more time for yourself or those assignments that needs to be done. Make sure that as you are particular about taking out special time for work, that you make the same sort of efforts for taking out time for yourself and your career.

Eddy K Elgin is the webmaster of the Good Reference To Effective Time Management Tactics. Drop by at Where Teachers Can Find Free Time Management Program for more details.

What You Need To Know About Head Teacher Jobs

The head teacher is the most senior teacher in a school. The head teacher is also called a headmaster or headmistress, which are gender-specific terms. As a whole, they are called head teachers. In a nutshell, the head teacher is the person in charge of the various departments in a school. The lead role makes him or her a part of the school's executive committee. The next step after being a head teacher is to eventually become part of the school's administration.

The head teacher may not have a growing heap of responsibilities, but their responsibilities, though smaller in number, are actually heavier. Some head teachers still retain teaching responsibilities, so they would still have to insert some classes in the middle of all their other tasks. Some head teachers, though, are relieved of any teaching responsibilities, and seems to have already delegated the act of teaching to the nurses under his or her supervision.

This leads us to the second primary responsibility of head teachers. They act as leaders or supervisors who supervise and evaluate the performance of the teachers. Head teachers are always teachers themselves, who just climbed up the ladder until they reach the head teacher post. This way, they are in the correct position of authority to advise teachers on teaching skills and classroom management strategies. Any problems that the teachers may have should be brought to the attention of the head teacher, so that it can be resolved.

The third responsibility of head teachers is focused on the school's curriculum. It is the head teacher's job to lead the teachers in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the school curriculum. In case the existing curriculum needs work, it should be the head teacher's initiative to lead and motivate the teachers to work on the curriculum as a team. Since this responsibility directly involves the education that is received by the students, this is a very important duty of a head teacher.

Because of these heavy responsibilities, head teachers should have certain qualifications and characteristics that will empower them to take the lead role. First of all, since the end recipients of the head teacher's efforts are still the students, a head teacher should have the ability to handle children and interact with them. It makes no difference whatsoever whether the head teacher has teaching responsibilities. He or she needs this skill nevertheless. However, if a head teacher has teaching responsibilities, he or she naturally has to have excellent teaching skills. For those who don't have teaching responsibilities, then the focus of their job is on managerial responsibilities. It follows, then, that they need strong managerial skills. They should be able to balance their interaction with the teachers and the students with the level of authority that they should maintain at all times.

The complex mix of responsibilities makes a head teacher's job very important. A head teacher plays a key role in a school. This also means that head teachers receive more opportunities and higher privileges than other teaching jobs.

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Teacher Education Philosophies

It is important for every teacher to have a personal philosophy of teacher education based on a set of values and principles. It should reflect the person’s ideologies and philosophies of teaching and the overall development of the children. It becomes a crucial element in guiding the children towards a successful life.

The most famous and important people who contributed to the development of the world had personal, deeply insightful educational philosophies on their own. Albert Einstein, Paul Freire and Rudolf Steiner were some people who wrote and followed powerful educational philosophies in their careers.

John Dewey, one of the most prominent educational philosophers, in his book ‘Democracy and Education’, even devoted an entire chapter on teacher education philosophy and talks about various aspects that play a formative role in the education of children. Philosophies of teacher education can be classified as Liberal, Behaviorist, Progressive, Humanistic and Radical. Each of these has specific purposes in education and defines the role of a teacher and his relationship with the learner, in the unique perspective of particular philosophical contexts. The liberal philosophy aims at developing intellectual powers, while the behavioral ideologies focus on the survival skills of a human being and the role of education in teaching them. The Progressive philosophy motivates cultural development of an individual in order to bring about societal change, whereas the Humanistic trends look at the overall development of the personality and characteristics of an individual. And the radical philosophers are interested in beneficial changes that should happen in a society from time to time, and the role of education in bringing about political, social and economical changes.

Teacher education philosophy is now used as a major marketing strategy by teachers and has become an essential component of a teacher’s resume. This has evolved to become part of the teacher’s personal profile, which outlines all of his essential skill sets and unique qualities, and highlights his specialties.

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