Friday, July 27, 2007

Things You Need To Know About Praxis Ii

In the same way that products have to pass quality standards, teachers undergo the same thing, through qualification exams such as PRAXIS II. PRAXIS II has been set as the standards which aspiring K12 teachers have to go through. In this type of examination, thorough knowledge of various subjects, as well as understanding of the principles of teaching and learning methods will be measured. The results of the said test will determine teachers' future employment and affiliation to different professional groups.

Given the importance of PRAXIS II, it is but proper for the test takers to know more about it. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding PRAXIS II.

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- What are the subjects I have to study for a Teaching Foundation type of exam?

The Teaching Foundation Examination consists of five areas that the examinee has to study: Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, English, and Social Science. The question comes in multiple choice and constructed response.

- What are the options of taking PRAXIS II exam?

Examinees have two options of taking it: computer-based and paper-based examination

- How do I register for PRAXIS II examination?

Those who intend to take the examination can register via mail by downloading and printing the registration form from the PRAXIS website and mailing it together with the other requirements stated in the form.

Examinees can also register by logging on at the official PRAXIS website and filling up the necessary information.

- How can I pay for the PRAXIS II examination?

Payments can be made thru credit cards (in the case of online registration) or by checks and money order (if you registered thru mail).

- How will I find out about the things that I need to study?

There are "Test at a Glance" sections that you can refer to. This section includes an outline of the things that will be covered as well as guide questions. You may also find this section helpful because of the tips that it gives in choosing and finding the right answers for the questions.

- How can I prepare for PRAXIS II?

Basically, the things that you discussed during your training will cover the things you need to know. It only takes a few reading and scanning of old notes for you to recall all the information.

It also helps to answer sample test questions and mock exams to see how much you recalled and forgot.

- What are the things that I need to bring for the PRAXIS II test?

These things should be brought on the day of the examination:

- The admission ticket
- Forms of identification
- Soft-lead pencils (mechanical pens are not allowed), eraser and black pen

These things must be brought at the testing centers because these will not be supplied to you. Other personal belongings will be left at the designated lockers and cannot be accessed while the examination is going on. Please avoid bringing excess stuffs since the locker space is limited.

There is no easy way to pass the standards for educators than to become a teacher credible and qualified enough to handle the job. Hard work is needed, but it sure will lessen the load up a bit by knowing the things that need to be prepared and done for the PRAXIS II test. Good luck!

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