Monday, July 16, 2007

Teacher Tips 101 - Things You Need To Know About CSET

Education can be considered as a basic need- more than a necessity rather than mere luxury. That is why it is very important to ensure the quality of education that teachers get for them to be able to carry on a noble task- the task of molding others' future.

In this regard, the California Commission on Teachers Credentialing (CCTC) continues to facilitate the CSET (or California Subject Examination for Teachers) for California students to receive instructions of great academic standards. A teacher has to be competitive in all aspects; something that CCTC has to ensure. And aside from the reviews that teachers have to make, they still have all the procedures that they have to follow to take CSET.

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Here are some things that teachers have to keep in mind when they are intending to take CSET.

- What are the CSET tests that a teacher can take?

Teachers can choose from the various CSET programs: the Multiple Subjects Test, the Preliminary Educational Technology Test, the Writing Skills Test and the Single Subjects test.

- What are the differences between the test types?

The Multiple Subjects Test allows the bearer to teach all subjects that he or she is qualified in teaching in a classroom. This style has been commonly used in Elementary settings. The students learn most basic subjects (if not all) from one teacher.

A Single Subject Test, in turn, allows a bearer to teach a certain subject of expertise in a departmentalized setting, most commonly seen in secondary schools. In this kind of setting, students receive instructions from teachers specialized in handling a certain subject.

- Do I need to take the Preliminary Educational Technology Test?

Even if a teacher has been certified to be proficient in a certain subject, he or she has to be proficient enough to handle the technologies used in teaching; The CSET Preliminary Technology Test handles that task.

- Where do i get review guides for CSET? Teachers have options in getting review guides. There are review guides which you can buy. However, you can save money by checking the electronic review guides available at the CSET official website.

- How do I register for CSET?

Here are the steps that teachers have to follow in registering for CSET. Teachers who intend to take the CSET exam can visit the CSET website. Registration is available all the time. However, the cut-off time to be observed is 5 in the afternoon, Pacific time.

Registration forms can also be sent by mail, but the 5 p.m. cut-off time still applies.

Another option to take into consideration would be to call the CSET hotline to register via phone. Please refer to the CSET website for the numbers to contact.

- How do I pay for CSET?

CSET takers can check the CSET website for specific payments. The payment dues can be paid via MasterCard of Visa if the test taker registered online or thru phone. For test takers who registered thru mail, payments can be made thru personal checks, and money order, aside from the options available to those who registered online.

The task of educating others toward their future is a hard task indeed. But teachers do not have to worry, for CSET would just be a breeze, if you take these things in mind.

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For info on passing the Praxis II and studying for the Praxis exam checkout his website today.

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